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iSBio researchers attend the GIM 2019 conference in Pisa

News release September 29, 2019

Five researchers from our iSBio team joined Christoph Wittmann to attend this year’s "International Symposium on the Genetics of Industrial Microbes".

The meeting was held from 8th to 11th of July at the conference palace in Pisa, Italy. Over the whole time, GIM 2019 offered an excellent program with very interesting insights and possibilities for discussion, exchange, and networking. Susanne, Sarah, and Martin presented posters about their work on high-resolution metabolic flux analysis of industrial riboflavin production, innovative bioproduction from aquatic biomass using metabolically engineered C. glutamicum, and superior processes high value natural products, using Streptomyces with engineered morphology. Christina and Lars had oral presentations and discussed our novel bio-based route towards the platform chemical glutarate and novel bio-nylons, as well as systems biology insights into agrochemical production using tailored strains of Streptomyces albus. Christoph Wittmann talked about the institute’s novel research on the valorization of lignin – a field of dreams for post-petroleum chemicals. Besides great science, Pisa offered a fantastic environment with its worldwide known leaning tower and more than 20 historic churches, medieval palaces and bridges across the river Arno to explore – overall an exciting experience.