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  • Kuhl M, Gläser L, Rebets Y, Rückert C, Sakhar N, Hartsch T, Kalinowski J, Luzhetskyy A, Wittmann C (2020)

    Microparticles globally reprogram Streptomyces albus towards accelerated morphogenesis, streamlined carbon core metabolism and enhanced production of the antituberculosis polyketide pamamycin.

    Biotechnol. Bioeng. In press. PUBMED.

  • Weimer, A, Kohlstedt, M, Volke, DC, Nikel, PI, Wittmann, C (2020)

    Industrial biotechnology of Pseudomonas putida: Advances and prospects

    Appl. Microb. Technol. 104:7745-7766. PUBMED.

  • Gläser L, Kuhl M, Jovanovic S, Fritz M, Vögeli B, Erb T, Becker J, Wittmann C (2020)

    A common approach for absolute quantification of short chain CoA thioesters in prokaryotic and eukaryotic microbes.

    Microb Cell Fact. 19:160. PUBMED.