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  • Jovanovic S, Dietrich DL, Kohlstedt M, Becker J, Wittmann C (2021)

    Microbial production of polyunsaturated fatty acids – high-value ingredients for aquafeed, superfoods, and pharmaceuticals

    Curr. Opin. Biotechnol. 69:199-211. PUBMED.

  • Borrero-de Acuña JM, Gutierrez-Urrutia I, Hidalgo-Dumont C, Aravena-Carrasco C, Orellana-Saez M, Palominos-Gonzalez N, van Duuren JBJH, Wagner V, Gläser L, Becker J, Kohlstedt M, Zacconi FC, Wittmann C, Poblete-Castro I (2020)

    Channeling carbon flux through the meta-cleavage route for improved poly(3-hydroxyalkanoate) production from benzoate and lignin-based aromatics in Pseudomonas putida H.

    Microb. Biotechnol. In press. PUBMED.

  • Machelart A, Willemart K, Zúñiga-Ripa A, Godard T, Plovier H, Wittmann C, Moriyón I, De Bolle X, Van Schaftingen E, Letesson J, Barbier T (2020)

    Convergent evolution of zoonotic Brucella species toward the selective use of the pentose phosphate pathway.

    PNAS 117:26374-26381. PUBMED.