Institut für Systembiotechnologie

Zdravo Berina!

My name is Berina Muhovic and I come from Sarajevo city, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Recently, I had the amazing opportunity to join the dynamic lab group and start my Ph.D. at the Institute of Systems Biotechnology (iSBio) at the University of Saarland - working in the Living Therapeutic Materials consortium. There are many reasons I find this institute is a right fit for me but all of them come from my enjoyment I take from grappling with new and complex ideas across different natural science disciplines. Due to my early involvement in E. coli based research, I expand my interests in the same direction during my graduate work. At that time I slightly shifted my research into the Enterobacteriaceae family and the relationship between different food inhabiting bacteria. Upon finishing my Masters degree program, I started working in biopharmaceutical research institutes, TRON and BioNTech, in Mainz. I was involved in researching the assessment of anti-viral response in tumors using the alphavirus vector systems and different self-amplifying RNAs (saRNA). As a next step, I decided to pursue a Ph.D. program in the field of bioengineering as I was always fascinated by how molecular biology elegantly intertwines with other disciplines such as system metabolic engineering. Now, I am part of the Leibniz WissenschaftsCampus "Living Therapeutic Materials". Devoting myself especially to those projects which are in their incipient development and have great potentials, further deepens my scientific interests.