Institut für Systembiotechnologie

Welcome on board, Jens!

Hi, my name is Jens Christmann and I have been working as a doctoral student at the iSBio in Saarbrücken since November 2019! Over the past years, I did my studies at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern. After completing a bachelor's degree in the classical field of life sciences, I specialized in the field of biotechnology in the master's program "Microbial and Plant Biotechnology". That has sparked my enthusiasm for applied research. At iSBio, I focus on the production of antimicrobial substances through the use of metabolically engineered strains of the bacterium Corynebacterium glutamicum. The raw materials of the new processes are to be used on a large scale to generate by-products from industry. With the topics of sustainability and the production of antibacterial substances, the project includes two very current social problems. Through my commitment, I therefore hope to be able to make a social contribution. As a native of Saarland my start in Saarbrücken also means a return to my old home. Therefore, I am very much looking forward to the coming challenges and cooperation with the iSBio team.

Jens joins our team in the EU project iFermenter, where we are developing new, sustainable processes for industrial biotechnology with eight international partners. Jens, we are glad that you are there and wish you a great time with us at iSBio and good luck!