Institut für Systembiotechnologie

Welcome Julian!

"My name is Julian Stegmüller. I did my Bachelor and Master degree in Biotechnology at the Hochschule Mannheim. Since recently, I am a PhD student at the Institute for Systems Biotechnology. Together with other PhD students, I work on the synthesis of natural products using Streptomycetes. Streptomycetes are mycelium-forming, gram-positive soil-bacteria responsible for the production of many biologically active substances, such as antibiotics, chemotherapeutics, fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides. The aim of my research is metabolic engineering of Streptomyces albus to optimize its metabolism towards an increased production of natural compounds. I feel proud to be part of the project and get additional motivation from it for my research. With the help of my new colleagues, the start into the project was very pleasant. Now, I look forward to this new challenge. Personally, I love any type of sports. I played handball for many years and always have to be in motion besides the everyday life in the lab."


Julian studied at Mannheim University of Applied Sciences and joined as a PhD student in the "MyBio" project since spring 2019, where we research industrial polyketides. Together with our partners, he has started with genetic engineering work on streptomycetes. Following bis own dedication to play handball and the battle cry of the German national handball team at the 2019 World Cup, we shout: "Ganbaru - Julian!"