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New face at iSBio

"Hey, my name is Sofija Jovanovic. I obtained my Bachelor Degree in Molecular Biology and Physiology as well as Master Degree in Genetics Engineering and Biotechnology at the University of Belgrade. During my studies in Serbia, I was a bass player in female rock band that had local success in the Balkan area, but I chose a career in science over a life as a rock star. My aspiration to become a scientist started, when I realized that I am driven by satisfaction of discovering something no one else has explored before. I came to Saarbrücken in 2018 to start working as a PhD student at the Institute. The open atmosphere among the iSBio team members and their expertness have been influencing me positive since my first day. I have become a part of a project team, which is focused on new sources for rare omega-3 fatty acids by developing a sustainable production process using genetically engineered yeast. This gives me a great chance to gain new insights into fundamental biological questions and promote scientific applications. Beside the promising scientific perspectives, I am especially amazed by the location of Saarland in the middle of Europe and its close proximity to neighboring countries that allow me to travel and explore cultural offerings."


Sofija has obtained her education in Belgrade and recently started as a PhD student in our collaborative project "MYXO4PUFA". Together with academic and industrial partners, the project aims to provide high value fatty acids from renewables. She is focusing on molecular analysis of different yeast strains to unravel metabolic traits for subsequent genetic upgrading of strains and processes. It have been the bass lines which made songs such as Hysteria (Muse) and Orion (Metallica) so famous. In this regard, we wish you great bass riffs for your research and feel happy that you joined us, Sofija!