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  • Schwechheimer, SK, Becker, J, Peyriga, L, Portais JC, Wittmann, C (2018)

    Metabolic flux analysis in Ashbya gossypii using 13C-labeled yeast extract: industrial riboflavin production under complex nutrient conditions.

    Microb. Cell Fact. In press.

  • Rohles, CM, Gläser, L, Kohlstedt, M, Gießelmann, G, Pearson, S, del Campo, A, Becker, J, Wittmann, C (2018)

    Bio-based route to the carbon-5 chemical glutaric acid and to bionylon-6,5 using metabolically engineered Corynebacterium glutamicum.

    Green Chem. In press. PUBMED.

  • Schwechheimer, SK, Becker, J, Wittmann, C (2018)

    Towards better understanding of industrial cell factories: novel approaches for 13C metabolic flux analysis in complex nutrient environments.

    Curr. Opin. Biotechnol. 54:128-137. PUBMED.

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Metabolic engineering provides new opportunities to improve nutrition and global food security

Since the advent of modern biotechnology, we have experienced a tremendous development, driven and inspired by demand, competition, and the quest for novel, exclusive and sustainable products from renewable resources. Nature itself delivers a diversity of organisms, enzymes, pathways, and metabolic...


Fermentation of Cocoa Beans Requires Precise Collaboration Among Two Bacteria, and Yeast

WASHINGTON, DC – June 10, 2014 – Good chocolate is among the world’s most beloved foods, which is why scientists are seeking to improve the product, and enhance the world’s pleasure. A team of researchers from Germany and Switzerland—the heartland of fine...


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